Things to do in Stratford, Ontario

Stratford is a town in Ontario which is home to 32,000 people. It is mostly advertised as a place having a Victorian past with a touch of country life, which is quite right.

A trip to Stratford may appear to you as something mainstream at first. But if you dig a little deep, there are many things to explore.
You can indulge yourself in a series of classy activities during your stay like taking part in a live play happening at the Stratford Festival.

The place has awesome restaurants where you can dine after you take a walk in the lush green gardens. There’s a touch of history to the area as well with its historic buildings that have been restored for tourists.
Here are some of the special things about Stratford we would advise you upon.

The first thing every tourist should do upon their arrival is to visit the Stratford Information Centre. It is located in the heart of the town and that is where you’ll be guided by the city’s attractions.

They’ll offer you seven kinds of guided tours you can pick from. These tour services start their operations at 10.30 in the morning and go on until late afternoon.
An average tour of Stratford lasts for about 1.5 hours and would cost you $7, including all taxes.

A new development has taken place in the list of these tours, made by authorities. A range of Culinary Trail Tour has been started by the tourism department which is gaining more popularity day by day.

The tour has multiple options for you. You can pick from chocolate, maple and bacon trails. A ticket for these kinds of guided tour costs $28.25 and you are given three days to visit multiple places on the tour.

The place also has a fair amount of sceneries for you to capture. Keep the cameras on hand while you travel past the Avon River. This river flows smoothly through the city.

The river is occupied by 25 swans at this time of the year, one of them being a black swan.

Shakespearean Gardens are a place you should pay a visit to. These gardens opened in 1936 and have a long list of botanical species living in them.

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